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Too Much Fun in the Sun?

Too Much Fun in the Sun?
Don’t let summer sun take a toll on your skin.
Reward yourself and renew your skin with our ultra-luxurious Serum Concentrate.
Audrose Serum Concentrate is packed with powerful botanicals and our patent pending formula Phyto-Molecular Skin Science™ 
Designed to hydrate and protect your skin from environmental aggressors, Phyto-Molecular Skin Science™ is our unique combination of potent botanicals paired with a liposomal encapsulation delivery system, This system allows the highly concentrated active ingredients to the penetrate deep into the skin, locking them in and then slowly releasing them over 48 hours. Your skin will feel calmer, more nourished, rejuvenated and you’ll experience an improvement in your skin’s overall health.

If you’re looking for a serum to improve skin health, hydrate, soothe, protect and brighten, Audrose has you covered!

✔️Dermatologist approved
✔️Clinically Tested
✔️Allergy tested
✔️Cruelty free

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