The Breakthrough

     Through our research, we developed a ground-breaking, patent pending complex, Phyto-Molecular Skin Science. This newly developed system includes an exclusive and powerful formula, paired with a unique liposome encapsulation. This delivery system allows deeper and faster penetration of the formula into the skin. The powerful ingredients; whole-plant rose extract - Rhododendron Ferrugineum, Myrothanmus Flabellifolia - the "Resurrection Plant," and whole-plant hemp extract take a holistic approach to skin care. This combination is locked in for a slow-release effect long after application.

     All of our skin care products undergo rigorous third-party testing, including dermatologist testing and are allergy approved before they make it to your skin. The target delivery system, paired with our plant-based ingredients completes the symmetry between technology and our planet. Thus fulfilling our mission to provide our customers a skincare line that they can trust in seeing and feeling the beautiful benefits.
Inside the Science

Our patent pending formula has been shown to promote increased hydration, oil control, and ultimate skin soothing effect.


Myrothanmus Flabellifolia: "The Resurrection Plant." A fascinating plant that thrives in the desert under extreme dryness, high temperatures and relentless UV radiation. This translates to increased appearance in skin's smoothness, elasticity, hydration, and brightening effect.


Rhododendron Ferrugineum: Found in high altitudes in the Swiss Alps, this plant has developed the ability to protect itself against dehydration, radicals and pathogens. It exhibits benefits including anti-oxidation properties, and offers barrier protection for your skin resulting in skin's radiance, resilience, and hydration.

Built-in natural protectant from environmental stressors
Offers ultra-hydration and soothes stressed skin
Nourishes a healthy radiance
Plant-derived antioxidants