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Before and Afters 


Testimonials were taken from a wide range of ages, all women who care for their skin and use moderate to luxury rated skin products. Also, we have a couple of people who have worked in aesthetics and who have studied aesthetic’s in the medical/clinical arena.  

Age 20  

"Where do I begin? I fell in love with these products just after my first time of using them! Combining the CBD serum and activator was the perfect combination for my skin condition! I noticed my skin clearing up and becoming more radiant just after the first few uses! I struggle with eczema so finding a product to also help with that is very difficult. I incorporated these into my daily routine and I am very pleased! They are both lightweight and extremely hydrating. So, if you struggle with dry skin and minimal acne like I did, try these products! You will not be disappointed!" 



Age 40  

"I love Audrose! It made my complexion brighter, and it helped my psoriasis on my hands and ankle. A good friend taught me to use the residual of my face products after applying to my face to the back of my hands for anti aging effects, and I thought, why not my ankle as well. My psoriasis was almost gone in one weeks time! It can be such an embarrassment, I'm so thankful to have it gone, and so easily." 



Age 69  

"I have been using Audrose for the past several months. My biggest skin concern has always been rosacea. This condition has made it challenging to find a product that does not irritate my skin. However, from the first application, using Audrose has made my blemishes and red blotchy skin disappear! My skin tone is smoother and more even toned! 


As a side benefit, I have noticed an overall improvement in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes, mouth and on my neck. My favorite product is the CBD Serum and Orchistem Booster. This serum and booster is smooth and luxurious without feeling oily. It absorbs immediately into my skin and starts to work it's magic. I believe this product has healed my skin and taken the redness away. It immediately makes my skin look and feel much firmer and more plump. I'm elated!  


I also use the eye cream around my eyes, mouth and yes sometimes even on those dreaded wrinkles on my neck. This cream is really versatile and worth the time and effort. Wrinkles immediately begin to plump, look smoother and fade.  


Audrose is fabulous! I am so happy to have finally found something my skin likes, something that heals, smooths and makes me look and feel a more youthful 69 year old grandmother." 


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